Catching Up With Backlogs

It’s more than a week since my last blog post here. This blog surely needs an update. Apart from updating this blog and my other blogs I also have some online tasks to catch up. And, one more thing I am not yet done with CE, I shall finish visiting all the participants before the deadline which is on Tuesday. I am glad that I have started visiting the links before I left to my younger sister place so I am sure that I can beat the deadline.

Really, maintaining multiple blogs is not easy especially if you’ve some backlog to catch up. But because I aim to be productive always, I am certain that I will finish everything before the deadline.


  1. Don’t fret coz you’re not the only one with backlogs to catch up. I guess we’ll just have to aim better in beating the deadline. Good luck! 🙂

  2. I think it happens to everyone Sis. It’s normal as sometimes we are not really into full control of the situation and our schedule, too. More important thing is you’re trying your best to catch up.

  3. even completing the Commex is difficult too!

  4. I’m trying to finish all the comments right now before I head out to watch a movie. Baka di ko na naman matapos like last week eh. hehe. 🙂

  5. Same here, I got a lot of backlogs. I’ve been busy for the past week. I hope I can make it.

  6. It is so interesting that no matter how busy we are, we are already part of our community and so we try to live up with our responsibilities of posting comments and of course, posting new blogposts! There are times, we really have backlogs because of so many other things we have to do!!!

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