Catching Up With Backlog

It’s been raining here in the other side of the world for few days now due to typhoon Lawin. I am praying that the typhoon will change its direction so it won’t bring any damage to our place and other neighboring provinces.

If I there is one thing I don’t like when raining, is that my internet connection is messing up. It’s been like this for few months now. I decided not to call the customer service of my internet provider just yet because the last time they fix my connection, they told me that the distance from place to the main connection is a bit far. But, if the problem continue I will be calling the customer service for assistance, mean while I shall do the back log I have. I do have some online tasks to do that have been in my dashboard since last week. But because I am busy assisting my younger sister and the little one in his school activities I don’t have enough time to stay long online. Good thing, my sister’s baby is already out from the hospital so I will have ample of time to blog.

In few days I will be busy again assisting the little one as there camping is schedule coming Thursday and Friday l finish what I need to finish before then.

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