Busy Running Offline Errands

How time flies, it seemed that is was only yesterday when I started this blog. It’s been almost two months since I purchased singlemomreviews.com. I am getting excited to submit this blog to my all-time favorite pay to blog website. Another reason why I love this site is because adding a blog with them is really easy as soon as your first blog submission is approve.

Anyway, I had a very busy day today. I paid some bills and check how much it will cost me to buy a bike for the little one. I also roamed around the mall as I am planning to buy some clothes for the little one. I noticed that some of his house clothes are almost worn out and doesn’t fit him anymore. Before going home I stopped by at the super market for our basic needs. I am tired but happy.

Tomorrow is a holiday here in my other part of the world in commemoration of Labor Day. It would be nice to buy the bike for the little one but I opt to just buy it coming Saturday. Its weekend so it’s just one ride unlike when it is weekdays it will take us two ride to reach our destination. I can see how excited he is for his new toy.

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