Busy Days Are Here Again!

It is the time of the year where in some of the parents of the little big tot are busy. Some because not all the parents are able to attend the school activities such as the foundation days that will take some of the parents time. I do understand that they cannot be in school to join the activities because of work, baby sitting, running household chores and many more reasons. However being a parents is a task wherein you should know how to manage your time from your work and your obligation as parent. No doubt it is difficult but if you really want to be a good parents and to be a good provider at the same time I am certain that you can find a little time you can be a supermom or a superdad. Sending someone in your behalf is a good idea specially if your presence is a must.

The reason why I am blabbering about being a parents is because there parents in little big tots who seemed not to care that their presence is needed. I am not taking it bad because I know they have a good reason not to come in school. But if other parents can be in school or send someone in thier behalf, why they cant?

Anyways, lets go back to my post title. The teachers, pupils, parents are busy preparing for next week event. Practicing our dance presentations, songs and yells. Last year, we were bagged the over-all champion but I doubt if we can do it this time. Our group has the less attendies of parents. But we will surely do our best to win. So goodluck BLUE PYTHON

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