Businesses Beware! Super Work From Home Mums Are On The Loose

You’re hardworking and successful. You’ve got passion and drive to burn. You’re 100% a super work from home mum. Those stereotypes of a humble housewife are firmly in the past. This is the new age and you are at the heart of it.

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What a great decision it was to leave the dreary doldrums of the office and take the giant leap into creating a business from home. You were always an independent woman and now you’ve brought that into your world of work. You wake up at the same time as you always did when you were working in the office and prepare for yourself a hearty yet beneficial breakfast of poached eggs and avocado on multigrain toast. This is your brain food for the morning and not only is it quick and simple to make, but it also contains a large dose of healthy nutrients. Perfect for you to get through all those countless morning emails. You have to also get your sleepy children up and dressed before dropping them off at school as well. Make the most of the school run by going through the day’s tasks in your mind and how much time should be kept for each one. By working to a strict deadline, you ensure maximum productivity for that time period. Once you’re back, it’s all about work for the next few hours. Get yourself comfy in your office like workplace with your decluttered desk and one of those acoustic office screens that you’ve recently acquired for your business and start completing your tasks with a clear, stress free mind.
With hours of child free bliss, you can get a lot of work done. You are distraction free except for the old tapping of the foot whilst listening to the radio and it’s important for productivity’s sake that you keep yourself away from social media, unless it’s specifically for the purpose of your business. You keep your landline phone beside you for emergencies and your mobile phone is there only for work use. There is no need at all to text friends. Your social life can wait until after 5 o’clock.
Remember to take the odd break to stretch your legs and to maintain your much needed concentration. Being a work from home mum is not just about work work work. Be super in your exercise. Go for a lunchtime jog or join a pilates class. It’s essential that you relax your brain muscles during this period as productivity actually increases with regular breaks from arduous tasks. Don’t get bogged down by all things work. You can be successful in other ways too you know.

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The kids are always brought home by a friend which gives you the right amount of time to check over and tie up all loose ends of your day. Once the kids come through your front door, you must disconnect from work life and plug in to family life. You’re making the most of both worlds and are thriving in it. You are our ultimate super mum.

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