Budgeting At An Early Age

It is not a secret that I am not good when it comes to budgeting. Believe me I can spend my two weeks allowance in just a short span of time. I don’t want to little one to be like me when it comes to budgeting that is why as early as now I am teaching him how to handle his allowance and spend the exact amount he should spend in a day and so far he is doing good. He is making me proud of him when it comes to his spending. He will sometimes argue with me when he wants me to buy something and I’ll ask him to use his saving.

There are times that he forgot to bring his snack at home. He would call me to ask how much he will spend. Other kids would just spend all the money they have but not the little one. I do hope he will continue this attitude until he grows old.

How about you? Are you good in budgeting? Or are you teaching your children to save at  an early age?

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