Blogitive And Loud Launch…

…still legit or not?

After more than four years of blogging I have found few website that promise to pay bloggers but at the end they just vanish or they don’t answer inquiries about pending balances.

Recently, I blogged about blogitive. I have been working with this paying site since I started earning online. I haven’t had problem with them although they don’t follow their payment schedule until few months ago. I noticed that the site is down most of the time but it didn’t bother me. As for me, the site is legit and trusted. I earn quite a lot from them in my four years of blogging. But now, I am having a second thought whether they are still legit or not. I have almost a hundred dollar balance with them.I have send countless of e-mails reminding them to send the payment but to no avail. I stop hoping that they are going to send the amount they owe me.

Another paying site is loud launch. The site recently updated their system and currently fixing new features. I have sent countless of messages too, to remind them of my balance but to no avail. I decided to stop sending message and just wish that one day they will make me smile from ear to ear when I check my inbox.


  1. I have been working with these two companies, I never had a problem until these past for few month or maybe a year. Blogitive owe me some money too and my loudlaunch, I cannot open it no more, I sent emails but recieved no reply =(

    • same here blogitive owe me some money as well as loudlaunch but when I publish a post about them in my other blog I got an e-mail from them promising they will eventually pay me.

  2. sayang naman yun… you work hard for it. You guys deserved to be paid evenly.

  3. The LoudLaunch has to pay me more than $500 and the pending due is for more than two years. I have written so many emails and there was no response from them instead they have blocked me from accessing the account.


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