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When I am blogging, you will see me drinking a cup of coffee regardless of what time it is. I am trying to lessen my coffee in take as it is not good for my health. I may lessen my coffee in take but I always end of eating something to make my mouth busy. Just few days ago my Mom bought a Happy Peanuts. I asked her if I can have it because I am getting sleepy. A bad habit but I am sure a lot of bloggers out there can relate to my experience.


Kopiko Browm Coffee is much love; I’ve been using it for few months now. As for the Happy Peanut, I just love it taste. Unlike other peanut crackers available in the store I more like this flavour.

Anyway I will be up for more update in the next coming days. So watch out for it. I will be sharing the things that make me happy.

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