Blog Theme Problem

If you are my contant visitor you probably noticed that I did a little changes on the theme. Well, not really on the theme but on my blog post. You will usually see the whole content of my recent blog  post. But after the Softaculous upgrade the theme of my blog messed up.  One of my blog post were moved the primary sidebar and the primary sidebar content were moved down. It is not pleasant to look at and I am afraid I will get complain about my theme from the advisers who paid my to post thier article.


I will be honest, I don’t know how to tweak wordpress blog theme. I dont want to even try tweaking the theme sa takot na mas lalong masira ang theme. Ayokong magmarunong!


So while waiting for the reponse from my blog theme designer I found a way to get rid of the theme problem. Thus, I end up just posting an excerpts of the content on my blog home page. And I also limit the recent blog post in the home page. Instead of having five recent blogpost I opt to have three.

I shall settle for this, at least as of now. Or who knows this will be for good. We see!

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