Blog Neglected

The disadvantage of having multiple blogs is that there are times that you cannot update all your blogs in a regular basis though that is what you want to do. Unfortunately that is what happening to me. The plan of updating this blog in a regular basis and the plan of building a good traffic really sucks. Until now, I haven’t started building the traffic of this blog. Hopefully I will have enough time soon. As for now, I am kinda busy running offline errands. And, well, I am enjoying my summer the the fullest.

Few days ago, I attended the Grand Alumni Homecoming my high school classmates and batch mates for the first time. It was a night full of fun and chitchatting. The following day we had another get together at the beach. It was another day full of fun and laughter. There is not doubt that I am going to attend next time, if given a chance.

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