5 Tips to Drinking Coffee When Trying to Get Pregnant

There is a lot of debate going on about the effects of drinking coffee on fertility. Some studies have found that there is a link between the amount of caffeine consumption and a woman’s fertility. However, there isn’t enough evidence to show causality. As such, it is recommended that anyone who is trying to get pregnant should not consume more than 200mg of caffeine per day. If you are a coffee junkie and you just need a coffee kick to jumpstart your day, here are five tips to drinking coffee that will satisfy your cravings while trying to get pregnant.

1. Choose Coffee Grounds of the Highest Quality

When you decide to get pregnant, it is the best time to think about the quality of food that you consume. Since you are most likely to reduce the amount of your coffee intake per day, why not invest in the best quality coffee grounds that you can find? If you brew your own coffee, you should also have the right equipment to get the most out of your coffee beans. There are helpful tips at https://coffeeinmyveins.com/ about the best coffee brands and espresso machines that you can buy.

2. Cut Back on Coffee Slowly to Avoid Withdrawal

Most people have developed a strong dependency on coffee and it can be difficult to completely remove coffee from your daily routine. When trying to get pregnant, you want to cut back on coffee consumption but you have to give it time to avoid any withdrawal. If you decide to do an overnight coffee detox, there is a chance that you will suffer from withdrawal symptoms such as headache, depression, anxiety, heart rhythm abnormalities which can also be detrimental to conception. To cut back on coffee, start by reducing the caffeine level by 10mg day by day until you reached the acceptable level of caffeine dosage.

3. Try Flavored Coffee Instead of Plain and Brewed Coffee

Some flavored coffee drinks such as mocha and latte have lesser grams of caffeine compared to a brewed coffee. Choosing to drink flavored coffee from time to time will satisfy your coffee cravings while keeping the caffeine intake to a minimum level. This is also a good time to experiment and get your taste buds acclimated so you have more options.

4. Avoid Other Caffeinated Drinks While Drinking Coffee

If you intend to drink two glasses of coffee in a day, you have to remember not to consume any other caffeinated drinks such as teas, soft drinks, and energy drinks. This will only spike the level of caffeine in your body which might have adverse effects on conception. You may drink tea as a substitute for coffee but you still need to pay attention to the amount of caffeine in each glass. As much as possible, avoid drinking soft drinks and energy drinks at all cost as they have the highest level of caffeine and are not necessarily good for your health either.

5. Try Decaffeinated Alternatives to Coffee

If you don’t want to risk it and you have made an informed choice of opting out of caffeinated coffee but still cannot completely reject coffee, you can definitely try decaffeinated alternatives. Decaffeinated options have lesser to zero amount of caffeine so you can still enjoy the taste of coffee but avoid the bad effects of caffeine such as nervousness, irritability and, sleeplessness.

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