5 Signs You’re A Terrible Driver

5 Signs You’re A Terrible Driver

This is clearly your first mistake! (image pxhere)

For all we know, you are the best driver in the world. Your knowledge of the Highway Code is second to none, and your driving skills are worthy of an F1 driver. On second thoughts, if any of the following signs are appropriate to you, then you are probably not the best driver in the world (let alone your county) after all.

1. You easily get distracted

Your driving along happily, when you suddenly realise your nails need attention, there’s an attractive hunk over the road, and your phone beeps with yet another Facebook message. Road safety is clearly no longer your priority when your eyes are everywhere but where they should be.

Hint: Turn your phone off while driving, and for goodness sake, for your safety and everyone around you, keep your eyes on the road.

2. You drive for ages looking for a large parking space

Despite trying to park near the town centre, you don’t like the look of any of the available parking spaces. The thought of parallel parking gives you the sweats, and despite trying to park, the eyes of passersby force you to keep driving in embarrassment. It’s going to be a long walk to the shops!

Hint: Practice practice practice. Parking a car isn’t easy, but you will literally never get anywhere if you are driving for hours looking for a parking space a bus could easily fit into. You may be lucky, but one day you might have to park in a reduced space, so don’t give up trying. Take a mate, drive somewhere quiet, and keep practising.

3. You terrify your passengers

Whether it’s family or friends, if they are holding on to their seatbelts in terror, you are probably doing something dangerous. Whether your speeding down the road, turning your head constantly to have a natter, or blindly heading towards any number of obstacles, your passengers will never want to ride with you again.

Hint: Not only are you responsible for your safety, but you are responsible for everybody else’s. You will face the emotional costs if you cause your passengers injury, and you may be subject to financial costs when you are hit with a bill by their serious injury solicitors.

4. People are constantly beeping at you

People are so rude, aren’t they? There you are, minding your own business, yet other drivers just can’t stop beeping at you. Oh, and their hand signals are probably impolite too! Honestly, what is the world coming too?

Hint: Clearly they are beeping at you for a reason. Perhaps you keep forgetting to indicate. You may have your high beams turned on, even on well-lit roads. Maybe you’re driving slower than a tortoise. Whatever you’re doing, other people aren’t happy with you, so if you find yourself victimised by an aggravated driver, pull over safely and consider where you are going wrong.

5. Your car has lost its lustre

You may have only bought the car a few weeks ago, but if there are dents and scratches everywhere, you are clearly having driving issues.  If you keep bumping into the car behind you when trying that infernal parallel park or hitting the wall as you turn into your driveway, you obviously need to brush up on your driving skills.

Hint: You may have passed your driving test, but if you are still having issues, take some refresher lessons. Yes, we know it’s a pain, but swallow your pride and save your life and finances by seeking further instruction.

So, are you a terrible driver? If any of the above relate to you, then yes, you probably are. Follow our advice as soon as possible to improve your skills. Every other road user will surely thank you for it!

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