5 Essentials For Every Drinks Cabinet

Have you got a drinks cabinet at home? I’m sure you will have if you regularly entertain friends and family at dinner parties. Most of us collect a lot of random drinks over the years. Usually as birthday and Christmas presents. So our collection of spirits and liqueurs can look quite eclectic and full of drinks that you didn’t even know existed! It’s a good idea to clean out your drinks cabinet every once in awhile and only keep the quality stuff. But what are the drinks that you should keep? Read on to find out!
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Whiskey is an absolute classic. And there are so many different types; it can be tricky to know which ones are worth keeping. Scotch and Irish whiskeys are often considered the best you can get. American Bourbons and Canadian rye whiskeys taste distinctly different to their European cousins. They are best suited to being used in classic cocktails. If you are interested in trying a new type, check out online reviews about whiskey to see which one might suit your palette. Want to really enjoy your whiskey? Savor it alongside a fine cigar!


Once favored by sailors across the globe, rum is enjoying a comeback! This spirit is distilled using sugar cane and is extremely popular in the Caribbean. There are four distinct varieties of rum. The most popular are Jamaican which is very dark and fruity. French rum’s light color may not look it, but is very alcoholic. Demerara is also fruity and, finally, Spanish tastes quite a bit like sherry. If you are new to rum, start out with Bacardi. Try mixing it with coke for a refreshing long drink.
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This very British drink is distilled from botanicals and juniper berries. It is usually mixed with tonic water, but it also goes very well with a variety of cocktails including the classic Tom Collins. Another popular use of gin is in a Martini. Even though James Bond preferred his Martini with vodka, the classic recipe calls for gin. If you’d rather, you can also drink gin neat. Try it on its own over ice. However, some of the cheaper gins on the market are not suited to being drank neat as they are very potent!


For a taste of Russia, add a bottle of vodka to your drinks cabinet! This is possibly one of the most versatile spirits as it can be enjoyed with many different mixers. It also tastes amazing on its own with just ice! There are also many different flavored vodkas that you can try. Each one is suited to a different cocktail and also tastes great on its own. It isn’t only Russia that produces some fab vodka. Polish vodka has a brilliant reputation too!
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Let’s not forget those all important mixers. It’s always a good idea to have some in your drinks cabinet as not all your guests will want to drink neat spirits! Keep a bottle of coke or lemonade handy at all times.
And don’t forget to stock your freezer with ice!

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